Performance Training


A 4,200 square foot performance training area is located adjacent to the hardwood courts on Impact’s main level. This space features free weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, squat/bench racks, tires, cable machines, a turf training area, and a number of other workout machines designed to develop athletes of all levels.


Thomas Smalley, MS, CSCS was named Head Strength & Conditioning coach at Impact Athletic Center in Halfmoon, NY in September 2021.
Smalley comes from Division I Wagner College in Staten Island, NY. During his time as a Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, Smalley was responsible for the program development and implementation of the Baseball, and Swim & Dive Teams, while also assisting with the Football team. Smalley also led sports nutrition for the performance department by providing educational resources for athletes and individual nutrition consultation.

Before Wagner, Smalley spent time at Division II Saint Anselm as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach. At Saint Anselm. he was responsible for training program development and implementation of the Baseball, Women’s Soccer, and Women’s Tennis teams.

Smalley embarked on a Strength & Conditioning Graduate Fellowship to Tufts University from August 2020 to February 2021. At Tufts, Thomas was responsible for supervising training sessions of ten Division III NESCAC varsity teams, designed and implemented comprehensive training programs for several Tufts varsity teams, and tested athletes to monitor improvements, set goals, and test the validity of the programs.
Thomas began his career as an undergraduate intern in the sports performance department at Division I Siena College. During that time, Smalley worked with the MAAC Champion Men’s Basketball team along with overseeing program design and implementation for the Women’s Water Polo team.

A graduate of Siena College in Loudonville, NY, Smalley Received his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2020. He received his Masters of Science in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning from Merrimack College in North Andover, MA. Smalley is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He holds his USAW Level 1 Weightlifting Coaching certification along with a Level 1 Coaching certification from Precision Nutrition.
Since October 2020, Thomas has been a lead advocate of the International OCD Foundation which allows him to lead “Athletes and Mental Health” interest projects to increase awareness of OCD and other mental health disorders for athletes of all ages.


Using a holistic approach, Impact Performance strives to enhance athletes of all ages both physically and mentally while helping them reach their full potential in their athletic careers and as people.


Setting the standard of the pursuit of excellence, both as athletes and human beings. Understanding that we have the privilege of getting better each day that we step into the weight room, and that we should never take that opportunity for granted. Impact Performance is a welcoming environment, and thrives off of positive energy and bringing intensity to each training session. We encourage all athletes to show their personality and be their authentic selves in their pursuit of excellence.


Being 1% better each day is how we reach our goals. Success isn’t linear, and there will be obstacles to reach those goals. However, if we focus on each training session and being better than the day before, there are no limits on what we can achieve. It is our job to show athletes that process of improvement and help guide them in their road to success. Being consistently very good is better than being sometimes great.


Challenges come in all shapes and sizes throughout life. Impact Performance strives to instill a never give up attitude in everybody that walks through its doors. The weight room is not just character revealing, but should also be character building. By showing athletes how to overcome adversity in training, they will build skills for overcoming adversity in their sport and in life.


When the bar is raised to a certain standard, we need to hold each other responsible to maintain that same standard in order to be elite. This is a life skill that will take them far as they advance into their athletic career and in their lives outside of athletics. Staying attentive to the little details, attacking each day with great enthusiasm, and lifting others up when they are down.


Everything we do when we train will always have a reason behind it, while being completed with great effort and intent. There will be no going through the motions. At Impact Performance, we are detail oriented. Having worked with hundreds of elite level athletes, we understand the need for doing the little things right with great focus and consideration.

1. Ground Based and Multi-Joint Movements

The majority of sports are played with the athletes’ feet on the ground and multiple joints being used. By using these sport-specific type of movements, we prepare athletes for an in-competition stimulus.

2. Training In All Three Planes of Movement

Teaching athletes how to move efficiently in each plane of movement (Sagittal, Frontal, Transverse) is critical to athletic performance because all movement is three dimensional. Being able to produce and resist forces plane to plane will increase the athleticism of the athlete.

3. Progressive Overload and the SAID Principle

To produce successful long-term athletic development, the use of progressive overload is crucial. Applying stress in a carefully planned approach that the athlete is not adapted to. This includes strategic changes in load, volume, tempo, frequency, and the difficulty of the movement.

4. Explosiveness and Force Development

Sports demand highly skilled, explosive, and quick movements. By stressing jump training and power development, we improve the athlete’s ability to rapidly produce force in a short amount of time.

5. Energy System Development

Every sport has specific energy system demands. That is why we train all three energy systems to build a strong base then look at the specific sport, position, and energy system that needs to be targeted the most frequently. The three energy systems trained are: ATP-PCR (up to 15 seconds of activity), Glycolytic (15 seconds to 2 minutes of activity), and Oxidative (activity longer than 2 minutes).

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Metabolic Conditioning
  • Core Strength
  • Flexibility/Mobility
  • Proprioception and Body Awareness
  • Nutrition
  • Mental Toughness

The usage of Olympic weightlifting and its variations, powerlifting, ground based multi-joint movements, plyometric training and free weight exercises to maximize athletic performance while also reducing risk of injury.

The thoughtful consideration to needs analysis and evaluation of the athlete and sport will always come first, in order to create the most sport-specific type of adaptation throughout their time training at Impact. The combination of carefully planned out exercise progressions, detailed coaching, and scientifically proven progressive overload will lead to not only excellence in the weight room, but also in their respective sport.

Focus on Movement, Not Maxes

Attention to proper lifting technique is the first priority when athletes begin training. The importance of efficient movement patterns and motor control is vital to the long term athletic development of each individual athlete.

Injury Prevention

The weight room should be used as a tool for athletes to improve performance and confidence in their respective sport. Before they begin training at Impact, athletes will be evaluated by our team to identify specific areas of weakness that could be more susceptible to injury. Also being identified are bilateral asymmetries and bilateral deficits. Addressing these deficiencies early on in their training will help develop better movement habits which will reduce likelihood of injury.

Relationship Building

Nobody cares how much we know, until they know how much we care. Building relationships and showing that care to our athletes is at the forefront of our approach. When you train at Impact, you are considered a part of our performance family.

Science Based Training and Periodization

The training and programming at Impact is all based on scientifically supported methods and adapted to the needs of each athlete and the demands of their respective sport.